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Hi Christina,

Could you clarify your ideas on the "commodifation of discourse"? I'm unclear as to how and where this is occurring. Is it the concentration of discourse within the university/conference system? MIT Press? Siggraph? The abstraction of "place" into decentered space and time?... (but that's a more generic quality of Modernity isn't it?) There are certainly approaches to using electronic and computationally-based media that suggest the possibility of a reconstruction of space and time into a meaningful articulation of place. It's not the global network, or the telematic embrace, but perhaps new approaches to performance and presentation that allow the artwork to respond more directly to its place.

I wonder also if there's a critique per se here of the notion of interactivity itself? It seems to have been effectively appropriated by the world of management science and is couched more in terms of control, efficiency and ease-of-use for the "user". Artists are not users, but rather makers.... what is the nature of the things made? Use-value?... or something else?


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thanks Christina for welcoming us to -empyre-.

I guess we don't really see ourselves as a "new media" publication though with our initial statement we wanted to connect to some of "new media"s inherent issues. One issue being something that has been on our mind as well - the commodifation of discourse. As a project that rode alongside the globalization movement whose waves have been slowing down we find ourselves needing to fill the vacuum with new possibilities to build a radical cultural movement. Recently we have been invited by major art institutions to present our work - one question that comes to mind is can there be a positive side to commodifying discursive work? How do we maintain meaningful discourse while operating in a vacuum? To quote Brian Holmes from his interview in our most recent issue, "I think that intellectual critique has to be embodied. Which doesn't mean there isn't a tremendous need for a better analysis of the way society is changing! Or for a better philosophy of how to reorient life on this earth. You just always have to find a way to make the ideas tangible, and effective." - Christina
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