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Christina McPhee, James and the rest of empyre,

overcoming the anomie and drift conditions of modernity

I wonder if overcoming a phsychological sense is actually so possible. Or if overcoming anomie and drift are worthwhile political aims. Or if to overcome anomie is just a neurotic response to anomie.. that maybe its healthier to come to terms with it instead.

Perhaps anomie and drift are conditions that just are... we can address conditions that create anomie and drift...

Reading Allan Sekula's Fish Story might represent an alternative narrative, but the key word is represent. The majority of human experience is on the concrete plane, when one puts down Fish Stories, we may immediately stumble upon encounter anomie.

But either way, I don't see anomie an issue.

But surely now new media works in a way such that images start to live counter, contra, lie in wait for truth.

That may be true. But What are we going to do with the realization of the contradiction? Realizing something is really less then half the story. There can be constant realization... as such a plethora of detournemants, of anti-bush websites. Anti-cheney flash videos. A class of action known as "billboard liberation." All great... but.....

articulation becomes 'meaningful' relative to context, to the sense of place, to the issue outside the hermetically sealed world of image propagation.

Yes. But also what meaningful articulation doesn't always become meaningful because of either its context or what it is articulating.
And of course, one groups meaningful articulation is another's jabber.
And concretely, an issue becomes meaningful because it fits within the hermetically sealed world of image propagation... Rumsfeld's reality is meaningful to the extent that the camera AND ALSO social maintainance (an relatively smooth and uninterupted supplying of food, water and oil) allows him to propose his policies. The narrative is the table-dressing on top of it all, a "reallity" that anyone who looks sees is false, and yet remains because the US Military is still in Iraq and cameras still interview and broadcast Rumsfeld.

And now we talk about him. And he becomes special.

Now back to commodified discourse and detournment or meaningful critique in art-work. All good... accept there is an abundant market and conversation about this. Supporting this abundant flowering is a the equation detournement=political or meaningful website=political change.

Or am I wrong. Is the equation actually just detournament=cool or meaningful website=cool?

And If I am not wrong, is then their a verdant economy missing on behalf of the concept of "political change?" What does political (or social change) mean. What does it look like? How is that expressed?

Read Yael Grauer's essay, an Open Letter to Kalle Lassen- a great and succinct complex investigation of the whole notion of the representation of dissent and detournement.


Critical process, of which the FBI is apparently oblivious, involves recontextualization of a gesture, like Steve's experiments, into another realm, so that an otherwise hidden problematic can open up to view, can be given place: in Critical Art Ensemble/Steve Kurtz's instance, the whole problem of genetically modified food production. Surely this is par excellence a "meaningful articulation". Surely this is a re(coup)eration, seizing, of the real.

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