Re: [-empyre-] on meaningful articulations : strategies

Deborah et al...

____"And I did, as Robby suggested, read Yael Grauer's
letter to Kalle Lasn in the journal. She makes some
perfectly apposite points about the strangely hermetic
world of culturejammingTM..."

We were interested in Yael's piece because of the way that it worked with
the Sarah Kanose's "Cooing over the  
Golden Phallus" ,also in this issue of the journal. In that piece Kanouse
strikes a critical (towards productivist ends) 
feminst pose against "culturjammingTM". Beyond the critique of the gendered
image of the rebel, Sarah writes about 
Jammers whom she feels only live at the moment off the spectacular image or
jam.  This is very simular to Yael's 
image of Lasn,  endlessly jamming yet unable to give aid to the diy bike
shop around the corner, charging activists 
for the use of his banners, unable to think critically outside of the niche
that he has carved for himself. Both writers 
paint a picture of a form of culturejamming that they feel is alienated
from the materiality of making change happen 
(unable to "resonate" in a less "captured" manner)- a culturejamming that
is only able to imagine the rupture as 
opposed to being able to step into the gap and keep it open,  imagine ways
to move beyond it and than maybe 
setting some wheels in motion.

Here I think Marc's (who suggested Yael's peice to begin with) earlier,
some-what poetic, writing on this list"
"I woke up this morning and made five meaningfull articulations before I
got into the car. But no one listened to me 
because I wasn't yet in the office... Or with my activist affinity group
who would act on my meaning. Or I wasn't at my 
pulpit. Or I wasn't ordering my soldiers out of the trench and up to the
top of the berm...."

Also Christina's Ulkes quoting of Brian Holmes in on of her earlier post:
"I think that intellectual critique has to be embodied. Which doesn't mean
there isn't a tremendous need for a better 
analysis of the way society is changing! Or for a better philosophy of how
to reorient life on this earth. You just 
always have to find a way to make the ideas tangible, and effective."

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