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More of my outline...

III. What do we know?
	1. what have we seen that works?
	 a. when
	 b. where
	 c. why/how
	2. what do we know that doesn't work
	3. Schisms of this with what we thought we knew.

IV. How do we make it happen individually?

V. How do we facilitate one and other to make it happen collectively?

All these to me are writings of meaningful nonalienated/nonalienating theory.


Marc (nuff for now)

I. Questions- of Precepts...
1. Who are we when we think of a network of spaces?
2. Who are we (this is a super-fucking-inclussive we... I want to be a part of any club that will have me and want anyone to be a member of my club as long as they are members a club that is meaningful.)
3. What is OUR common denomonators
a. what values do we share
b. what ideals
c. what goals
d. what resources
4. What are our differences?
5. Who are we in our local cities and scenes and how does this relate to our more global we?
6. How do we distinguish ourselves from the those that are clearly not us?

II. would be (in my book...) what does it mean that we are a we?

PS. This post and threads from Ireland Indymedia is worth looking at http://www.indymedia.ie/newswire.php?story_id=72857
It critiques a situationist view on the paris riots.. (any disturbance is a revolution). This is fucking contemporary if you ask me. I see it's pertainant to this discussion because it identifies a love of disturbance but then calls for more becuase "The net result of the Paris riots will not be some mass proletarian consciousness awakening and sudden crystallisation into a political movement - because "the left" is for the most part fractured in urban areas and simply not present on the ground." It identifies the need to talk about it and turn anger (or cultural production) into praxis.

As a fan of humanity and gaia, I don't need my social change to be solidly "left." But I do know that if we talk about it collectively in a big way, it can become so...

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