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dear empyreans,

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I'm in a grumpy mood, in general, and usually keep things to myself,

but I felt I couldn't let this pass.


marc <> wrote:
> boo!
OK. Boo back:
James Schlesinger, a former director of the CIA, was secretary 
of defence during the first oil shock in 1973. He threatened to 
invade the Arabian peninsula if the Saudis didn't reopen the oil 
pumps they had shut down over the October war, thus precipitating 
the oil crisis of 1973-4.  At last week's under-reported and poorly 
managed oil summit in Rimini, Italy, Schlesinger gave a speech 
warning of a grave threat to the world economy from a coming peak 
in oil production.  He compared the issue to the rumbles under 
Vesuvius and the reaction to them of its  hapless residents. 
"The peak or plateau is coming," he said.
Schlesinger futher warned, "Political systems do not deal easily 
with long term threats, even if they have a probability of 100%."


Daniel Yergin spoke at the event. He has said that peak production

of oil would come around 2020, at the earliest. However, he uses a 
proprietary database for this info, and one of the original engineers 
that developed that database is Colin Campbell, who completely 
disagrees with Yergin, and is advocating immediate and radical 
changes in energy policy and consumption in order to avert 
a global economic catastrophe.


The name of the summit was "The Spirit of the Empire," and that 
spirit expresses itself in every consumer choice and action. The 
rumblings of the end hydrocarbon age were loud and clear in Rimini,

while the world sleeps in front of the TV with the lights on...
You want "BOO"?

OK : ?

? If things don't change quickly and radically, the riots in France 
will look like very small potatoes. 

QED: Build communities around you, and build them well, and build them 
*now* while you can. Build them around things that matter - the art

that matters is the art that will lead. The rest will follow - by necessity.


? Sell the MoMA short. Abandon modern art.


* Our age will erase itself from history - and that's a good thing. 


Only collect the art made by your friends or yourself (for something smart),

neighbours (as a community building process)

and family (because you love them).


? Is the most radical art now the art that consciously abandons Art and

all of its socio-economic machinations? That is only available as a gift?






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