RE: [-empyre-] fort(ification)

well o well, the limit of discourse
any but specially ryan's piece here
which provokes, dare I say, anger in me
because it is discourse in its most 
limited form including its location.
the limit of discourse can be put very
simply for me as this:

when I see a brick smashing into a starbucks it makes jump of joy and shout
of glory
when I see the life_sharing web site I click away w/o even shrugging

call it intuition or just that I've re-read la societe du spectacle last
but that is the way I _feel


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> 28 days represents a breakthrough in zombie movie as social 
> crit because the zombies aren't sort of indifferent or 
> lethargic in their predatory behaviour-they are fast, 
> precise, alert and frightening. This film is shockingly 
> underrated--as are you.
> Everyone on this list serve should read R's article at 
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> On Nov 14, 2005, at 7:00 PM, Cara wrote:
> > localized systems of exchange that remain dependent on global  
> > corporate infrastructure and production to exist are tenuous--they  
> > break down easily when challenged. what is our fortification?
> >
> > while it may be possible that due to fuel shortages "the political  
> > reality (inequalities) of the body aren't any more likely 
> to be up for  
> > discussion." they will exist and will be addressed. how? (given  
> > sustained global and local conditions of economic and 
> social disparity  
> > based on entrenched systems of global distribution of capital and  
> > corporate-military presence---pronounced cultural reliance 
> on a steady  
> > stream of visual information---apparent surveilance of 
> bodies through  
> > cell phones, computers, tv, etc.)
> This is exactly what i was trying to get to... i think, anyway. my  
> point about the potential for politics (in a discursive sense) to be  
> shut down within a context of control and fear pertains precisely to  
> the affirmative response that the body will assert itself. it's the  
> inhabitants of the bodies that will have (do have) the means 
> to do the  
> asserting that i'm worried about.
> the questions of fortification and the body recalled a contextual  
> discussion of the sci-fi zombie movie "28 days later" by 
> Eugene Thacker
> IdLanguage=1&IdPublication=1&NrIssue=24&NrSection=5&NrArticle=
> 932&search 
> =search&SearchKeywords=thacker&SearchLevel=0
> (if the url breaks due to the "?" you may have to copy and paste the  
> lines above into your browser)
> but perhaps even more relevant to an "everyday" discussion of  
> body-power relations, the critiques of Rosalyn Deutsche, especially  
> "Agoraphobia."
> when do politics give way to "security" in the form of 
> "fortification"  
> (i ask as i contemplate constructing a rain-fed drinking water  
> system...)?
> this kind of comes back to the more mundane questions of "making a  
> living" that came up earlier...
> best,
> ryan
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