[-empyre-] small provocation

I'm very different to this. No matter where I look I'm very different to
what I read. I want the institutions that I hate to have a home. Even if
it's just to rib them until they pay me off. The discursive economies of
criticism and art have constituted themselves as a single bloc of economy /
to the libidinal economy.

I want to counter guerilla-style not from the trenches, from the  entrenched
positions of the counterculture... with its venerable critical armature
still largely left intact... like a ghost limb after the amputation of the

I want to be heard from the oustide, an unfortunate Artaudian/Antipodean. My
embodied practice is not itself at risk but I am at risk because of it. I
applaud the voice raised from the outside even when it's Ralston Saul's!
Chomsky/Foucault's ... as a unifiable dialectical position as a complex
subject position..

I betray the fetishism of art at every turn; I give paranoia back to the
psychosis of its atavism - I milk it: it still flows.

I make art bad and bad art: I respect ideology insofar as it rewards me with
its dogged refusal to admit purity; I disarm its political ligatures through
producing nothing useful.

I hate the community because like society it does not exist. I put new media
on trial because new media disinform the fulfilment of an enantiomorphosis;
because they muddy the name of the blameable with the possibility of a
complete erasure of the name.

Therein the necropolis will be built as the worldwide web. I flip the bit on
its lack of constancy as a dread  of semiosis and the concomitant paralysis
inside every meaningful articulation as signifiance.

I reject Socrates' machine in Plato, his restrictions on metaphor, and
Aristotle's injunction against unnecessary multilplication of characters -
against metonymy. I multiply you. I am because you are.

(of course I hesitate to post the preceding; but as satyre and contribution
maybe it sits.)

simon taylor

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