[-empyre-] if only bricks could talk as they smash into windows

yeah action's great as long as it's the action you want. but what do you do when the "rebellion" has its sights set on your car/house/wallet?
Here's Florida's response:
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/04/25/ AR2005042501553.html
while we're geeking out on the smashed starbucks window and patting ourselves on the back for "breaking the spell" of capitalism, some CEO is getting his jollies as the markets are deregulated and our civil rights further restricted. is this really a battle of actions? about who can inflict the most damage? come on, we know who wins that one. it's not the ELF. (Earthfirst is a different story...)
i'm not saying there's not something exciting about f-ing shit up, but it goes both ways. i was just listening to an old On the Media show and a film critic was discussing the use of films generally considered anti-war (Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, etc) to "pump up" troops about to go into battle. Made me think about the the ways that the riot cops prepare for protests, and me (while usually running quickly in the other direction) wondering what in the hell makes them so amped to beat us up.
but your bringing up life_sharing begs the question... are your only choices either a brick or elitist aesthetics?
that's pretty limiting.
and while i completely agree that discourse (however we're using it here) would be pretty limited if it existed exclusively on some esoteric and hidden web site (as the gift economy article does). but, it would be a mistake, IMHO, to assume that it can ONLY exist there and that other conversations, and occasionally even actions, aren't taking place elsewhere. What is a list like ~empyre~ if it isn't a conversation that ultimately and necessarily depends on people who are active in things outside of it?
perhaps i'm misreading Frederic's comments, but... just a thought.

on Wed, 16 Nov 2005 Frederic Madre wrote:

well o well, the limit of discourse
any but specially ryan's piece here
which provokes, dare I say, anger in me
because it is discourse in its most
limited form including its location.
the limit of discourse can be put very
simply for me as this:

when I see a brick smashing into a starbucks it makes jump of joy and shout
of glory
when I see the life_sharing web site I click away w/o even shrugging

call it intuition or just that I've re-read la societe du spectacle last
but that is the way I _feel


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