Re: [-empyre-] if only bricks could talk as they smash into windows

RE: Ryan's

 What is a list like ~empyre~ if it isn't a  
conversation that ultimately and necessarily depends on people who are  
active in things outside of it?

Yes, that's what it does. Loop back to Cara's quote, suggesting 'identity' as a path dynamic. 

Community does not have to mean homogeneity. Enabling communication
across a grouping of people, within which their common opposition to a larger power
can be spoken and agreed to, can draw commonality across them. An identity as a 
path along which they might overcome a subjection, exclusion, or historical ways
in which they?d been divided, racialized or gendered into antagonistic and alienated
Temporary Public Spaces
By Ashley Hunt

perhaps i'm misreading Frederic's comments, but... just a thought.

on Wed, 16 Nov 2005 Frederic Madre wrote:

> well o well, the limit of discourse
> any but specially ryan's piece here
> which provokes, dare I say, anger in me
> because it is discourse in its most
> limited form including its location.
> the limit of discourse can be put very
> simply for me as this:
> when I see a brick smashing into a starbucks it makes jump of joy and  
> shout
> of glory
> when I see the life_sharing web site I click away w/o even shrugging
> shoulders
> call it intuition or just that I've re-read la societe du spectacle  
> last
> week
> but that is the way I _feel
> f. 

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