Re: [-empyre-] if only bricks could talk as they smash into windows

On Nov 17, 2005, at 10:57 PM, Ryan Griffis wrote:
>but your bringing up life_sharing begs the question... are your only choices either a brick or elitist aesthetics?

in what way(s) do you mean that Life Sharing:

is or involves "elitist aesthetics?"

>and while i completely agree that discourse (however we're using it here) would be pretty limited if it existed exclusively >on some esoteric and hidden web site (as the gift economy article does).

++ in terms of the "esoteric and hidden web site" you mean the Contextin' Art mini-portal that hosts your:

Ryan Griffis: Gift(Wrap)ing New Media

txt? if so, in what way(s) do you mean that Contextin' Art is esoteric [+/or] hidden? a "Contextin' Art" search thru various archives such as fineArt forum, Net Art News, nettime, NOEMA,, etc will locate the URI above... also, altho Google wants to rephrase the "Contextin' Art" search to "Context In Art" it still returns the results i just mentioned. so the "Contextin' Art" site is not hidden by any means nor is your "Gift(Wrap)ing New Media" txt, esp in light of the fact that you personally posted the txt to various platforms, it is hosted on the sites i mentioned + that you currently link to it on your own site:

so i don't understand how or why you are positioning your Gift(Wrap)ing New Media txt or the Contextin' Art project as "hidden"...

what remains open for me is your positioning of Contextin' Art as esoteric + this loops bak into my question of how Life Sharing is or involves "elitist aesthetics". i am wondering + curious about how + why you are positioning these network oriented works [+/or] New Media art projects as "esoteric" [+/or] "elitist"...

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