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Hi protestors..I've been a fly on the wall..just felt like saying
name is Liz Day, I'm working on a cross-cultural landscape project in a
womens' prison in Sydney. As a prison art teacher (as well as being an
artists who shows work in galleries) I initiated this space transforming
work in a hoping to be able to publicise it more after its
completion. Doing creative work with inmates who have not had a chance to be
creative and re-defining a colonial space is a satisfying occupation. I hope
to theorise this project more when it is satisfactorily an
artist grinding ones way through bureaucratic negotiations is somewhat
tedious and one has to always wear two hats, accepting the limitations but
at the same time trying to inveigle ones way in to the system. Strange and
interesting process.

Working on related security issues about doing a work where it cant be seen
by my peers...  Good to be reading about people who are making it happen in
workplaces..didn't really know that a community of you existed before.
I generally feel like an alien.
Might try to get something to one of these online journals later.

> Trebor Scholz has an interesting post on his blog
> discussing the current to: "make just about any place a workplace."
> seems very pertinent to our discussions of "commodifying discourse..."
> best,
> ryan
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