[-empyre-] Re: if bricks could talk...

Hi Jon + everyone,

in what way(s) do you mean that Life Sharing:


is or involves "elitist aesthetics?"

specifically with that piece, it's the subject position embodied by 01 for "life_sharing," and their relationship to concerns of "privacy" and "surveillance" that i discuss in the txt. in a more general sense, i think most Art operates through elitist aesthetics, but i don't mean that in the sense of "elitist" v. populist. i mean specialized and professionalized. perhaps one of those words would have been a better vocab choice...

++ in terms of the "esoteric and hidden web site" you mean the
Contextin' Art mini-portal that hosts your:
so i don't understand how  or why you are positioning your
Gift(Wrap)ing New Media txt or the Contextin' Art project as

good question, and maybe i was/am a bit hasty to make such judgments. when mark cooley and i made those 2 issues of contextin', we both felt that they were sooooo not being read by anyone, as response was nil. so, some of my statements should be attributed to the personal experience of trying to start a conversation and not getting one. i know that we both were disappointed by the number of responses to the calls we put out.
though i did get an interesting email from barbrook, who called me out on my interpretation of one of his texts, after posting it to nettime.

what remains open for me is your positioning of Contextin' Art as esoteric + this loops bak into my question of how Life Sharing is or involves "elitist aesthetics". i am wondering + curious about how + why you are positioning these network oriented works [+/or] New Media art projects as "esoteric" [+/or] "elitist"...

it's certainly not the network-ness of these examples that i'm responding to. and i don't necessarily mean to use "esoteric" or "elitist" as forms of slander, but rather descriptives in a more generous sense. i'm not against internal communications or specialized knowledge per se, but i think to leave things there is not so interesting.
i don't know that these responses are really satisfactory... as the elite/populist art discussion isn't one i've spent much time on.

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