Re: [-empyre-] upgrading downtime?

On Nov 20, 2005, at 4:55 PM, Henry Warwick wrote:
>is it necessary for someone who makes software as art to make software that is actually useable?


>Software that is built to work: realist
>Software that is built with no intention of working: abstract

not necessarily

>Is there a beautiful new media / software design failure?


>Or is the intention of "working" always a precondition of realisation?


in terms of artware projects (that intersect w/this thread, the "Whispering in the Dark" theme, meanings of New Media art in relation to revolutionary struggles + social resistance, etc...) here are sum URIs that link to projects to consider:

all from, a software art repository + platform for the distribution + discussion of artware.

artware is for me [personally/artistically/academically] a deeply important aspect + dynamic area of New Media as an art {form|discourse}.

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