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Cara wrote last week, 

speaking of GPS underwear, I also always felt like the nomad-node thing was just a disorganized death march.--"just keep it moving...keep it movin'..inside, it's like imagining the best thing you can do is not get caught---outside, it's like watching a bad horror movie where your always looking at the back of some soon-to-be-dead-head walk into an empty parking lot in search of a lost kitten. 

Speaking of LA as the topography of fear, could be that dead head is actually, no, really!, a member of the self styled Post Traumatic Institute for Social Satisfaction?

below is an excerpt from one of their little manifesto/adverts, 
Given the ever-changing social and economic landscape, combined 
with the influence and increasing sophistication of new technologies 
and communications networks of late-Capitalist control, we now live 
in a completely fear-based economy. Today, 5 minutes of expenditure 
constitutes a lifetime in the field. The half-life for knowledge in Nuclear 
Agriculture, for example, is 30 seconds. And itâ??s no different in Urban 
Assault Planning. In the past, students pursuing a postgraduate 
degree in Architectural Disruption were  unlikely to take a single course 
in Information Mastery or Hegemonic Subjugational Systems. But with 
the emergence of Multinational Corporate Fusion and the information 
super-highwaymen, these issues are now core to the PISS curriculum. 
In a fear-based economy, individuals who remain at the bleeding edge 
of Social Satisfaction choose to make learning a terminal process. 

Unfortunately, i can confirm that courses not too unlike this can be found on the graduate level at Cal Poly. !

and the post traumatics continue:

Interest remains high for post-survivalist iconography classes. PISS 
has proposed to organize iconography classes over the next year.  
Funding has not yet been made available but if enough interest is 
shown in the project, PISS will go forward. Satisfaction experts fore- 
cast that iconographic techniques will be an essential survival skill for 
professionals in the 21st century satisfaction environment. 
Those interested in pushing this program through should contact PISS 
Interest remains 
Satisfactionists affirm the double negative! 
Satisfactionists affirm the double negative!"




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