Re: [-empyre-] Self-programmable media activism; just cheap talk?

Christina Mcphee wrote...

" Still, are you saying that, beyond the self reflexive environment of the
list, that the live'ness - perhaps, the lived-ness, 
of print media especially independent alternative press media, is still so
much a touchstone to the reality of physical 
life: to touch / to read/ to hear/ to think/ to speak?.   The physical
presence of media made the hard way.  "
Yes, I am saying that...
I am wondering what we have lost by making digital media (as opposed to
more tacticle media made the hard way)  a (if 
not the) central methodology in the activist/artist/media-practitioners
tool kit. Thinking like this may be antithetical 
and counterhistorical, but I think it is an important question to ask. In
my post, and specifically, I touch on blogs vs 
newspapers, because I have experience working in both media, but I think
these comparisons are legitimate  to make 
between all older methodologies of social organizing and the new alienated
forms which have come 
to replace them. 

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