Re.2 : [-empyre-] Self-programmable media activism; just cheap talk?

I guess this and the past post should have been addressed to both Alex AND Robby as I disagree with his construction of a black and white new-media conversation
On Nov 29, 2005, at 1:24 PM, Alex Killough wrote:

To me this is where the virtual community is a relevant alternative, for the following reasons:
I can get a lot more people to my website than I can to Dolores Park (protest central for SF).
I don't need some kind of song and dance routine by a politically inclined performer to attract an audience.
I can concentrate, and help maintain concentration, on a central issue (email threading is great for this, right?)
People will and do engage in discussion (the fact that we are doing so right now...)
And in terms of where the battle is to be fought, I would assume on the turf we haven't completely lost yet

So are you proposing then that the roll of artists and intellectuals is;

to chat away the time to as big an audience as possible in the one spot of territory we have, complaining about how a political systems continues to segregate us, an "increasingly powerful corporate interests" continue to push us around, how we are "spied upon in ways Hoover would have drooled over", and still allow for our country to kill American soldiers and foreign citizens and soldiers while at war.

I doubt it.

Robby, are you saying that tech has no roll what-so-ever, that it is just plain moloch?

I would imagine that we could collectively imagine that there is a hybrid practices between the web and the "meat-world" (great term). And that we could collectively allow for a functionality on both extremes...

But I do agree with the main critical thrust of where Robby was going. in his two recent posts...

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