[-empyre-] Welcome to October

Dear Members of - empyre -

the topic of October will be Digital Writing. Despite the fact that
writing is one of the oldest known technologies, the concept of
writing did not change as substantially as the different forms of text
mediation have done, throughout the years. Recently, the computer
altered important operations related to how words and paragraphs are
organized. Also, devices such as the Internet, DVD and mobile
equipments are stimulating new forms of writing and publishing.

This month, we welcome Bill Seaman, Brigid McLeer, Friedrich Block,
Giselle Beiguelman and Sue Thomas. They will discuss if the concept of
writing is still adequate to describe the most eloquent examples of
creative processes involving words and digital media. To start the
month, it would be nice if the guests could post a little introduction
to the list, describing their work and elaborating a bit on how it is
related to the month´s topic.

Also, I am preparing a list of relevant URLs, that I´ll post later on.


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