Re: [-empyre-] Re: Farewell

Thank you very much for keeping the discussion alive during the early
part of the month.  As you might imagine, I had hoped for a much
livelier discussion, but with everything that has happened, I'm just
happy that some interesting things were brought up and that the
discussion happened at all.
Whenever it is that I get a chance, I want to go though all the posts
and retrieve material, as I don't feel that we really arrived at
anything, but it would be interesting if something could be outlined
from the discussion that ocurred.
be well!

> Thanks Ricardo, Lana, Mariam, Angel and everyone who contributed. i 
> enjoyed and learned.
> i ran out of time to contribute to some of the comments the last couple 
> of weeks, which were very important... while this ending to the 
> discussion is all too common in cultural engagements where topics of 
> "difference" and "economics" come and go like color choices for vinyl 
> lettering, i only hope that some of these discussions find their way 
> into our daily spaces (really encouraged by leaving on the note of 
> Brian Holmes' program at 16 Beaver) more.
> best + hope to hear from everyone in future forums.
> ryan
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> empyre forum

ricardo miranda zuñiga

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