[-empyre-] Writing and Pattern Flows

Bill Seaman

The central concern of my work since 1980 has been meta-meaning production. In particular I am interested in the functionality of language in our coming to know the world. I have developed a number of generative systems exploring the production of meaning. In terms of "writing" I have been using the term "pattern flows" to refer to and reflect on embodied knowing. I am very much interested in how multi-modal flows of experience - pattern flows - inform our meaning becoming. I understand mind and body to be co-arising with the functionality of pattern flows (an extended linguistics) as being central to this process. Computers are particularly good at generating pattern flows and thus fall within the sphere of meaning production. In fact computers enable the continuous growth of our relation to linguistic construction. The projective employment of language is central to ongoing experience. The notion of fields of meaning is central to meaning becoming, where each-media element functions as a field of potential meaning, having a meaning force. These pattern flow forces are summed by the body in an ongoing manner. Each media-element has attributes which are "of themself". Thus the computer as a pattern production mechanism enables one to juxtapose pattern-flows with many qualities simultaneously - words, sounds, music, images, 3D models, illustrations, diagrams, time-based video recordings etc. etc. This meaning production sphere is expanding and beginning to include the haptic and other physical potentialities. Writing cannot be separated out from either pattern flow acquisition or multi-modal pattern production. Writing always becomes enfolded in meaning production as a living associational relation informed by the history of multi-modal experience as it intermingles with current context. Thus words carry a meaning force that co-arises with ongoing experience.

I think of digital writing as employing all manner of digital pattern flows in the service of evocation. I also see the potential of exploring the writing space that bridges the continuum between the physical and the digital as an exciting field of inquiry. Each media element be they digital or other, informing the ongoing meaning summing.

Interface is a very vague term...

Professor Bill Seaman, Ph.D.
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Rhode Island School of Design
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