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Subject: inscribing of characters on an interface
---> definition: Digital Writing is the inscribing of characters on
an interface, with the intention of moving concepts from mind to
mind, through a network of coded variations of elements once
understood as text, image, sound and video, etc.

I like the concept of moving concepts from mind to mind.

I think of this as triggering associations as well as adding to the
network of associations in an ongoing manner...


An associational configuration of media elements (coded variations)
is set into play, presenting a potentially changing set of fields.
The participant/interactant brings their history as another field of
meaning. The author presents a site of potential intra-action and
exchange (loading the fields). Through intra-action a change is
brought about... Thus, a movement in mind arises through this
behavioral relation to a network of pattern flows.

The body/behavior of the interactant may also become enfolded in the
evocation as a layer of content. The body always becomes enfolded in
the intra-action on some level.

The interface may become transparent... one doesn't inscribe on an
interface --- meaning arises through intra-action with the interface
and the potentiality of media elements, media-oriented processes, and
coded potentialities. Generativity and emergence may also enable
unknown outcomes.

To my mind the best expressive "writing" always has an openness to
its interpretation that enables each return to add layers of meaning
and new evocations.

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