Re: [-empyre-] Writing and Pattern Flows

Wow is right ... what an amazing exchange. I'm sort of a lurker on this list, so hello, my background is some digital writing for games. While doing that, I soon realized that the idea of pattern flows and an awareness of them is critical. In a game, narrative can be a traditional pipeline of information or series of events, but feels more exciting as an exploration of modes and/or fields of persuasion. On some level, the nature of a given pattern flow, how it updates itself, the feel of its evolution, how it alters its methods, can become the meaning of the story, a model of experience, even a form of cognition. For me, the question is how can these modes be combined in ways that first, feel responsive thereby creating expectation and second, create dynamic meanings? Writing can't be separated out from pattern flow acquisition or a multi-modal pattern production because in a fundamental sense the writing that needs to be done in these narratives is the creation of those arrangements or the construction of environments that lead to the creation of those arrangements. That way we should be able to encourage meaning that is emergent due to the interplay of fields or modes and their response to audiences/readers/players/etc . . .

-- Angela

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