[-empyre-] Loss of Inscription

Dear Giselle,

when pointing how the "content=no cache" tag erases what was written
before (maybe turning the web into a non-cumulative memory? maybe
denying juxtaposition as the model for mind functioning and
substituting it for a different one?), you seem to imply that code,
more than words, writes the digital text. In this sense, it intrigues
me how Code-Up (http://container.zkm.de/code_up), which was the work
that was used as an example of relevant digital writing at the first
post of the month, is a text without words. This seems to be
paradigmatic of your recent work, since "Poetrica"
(http://www.poetrica.net) is also an example of "text without words",
even though both projects are very different one from another. It
seems that you are heading towards an universe where writing is
distributed and erasable -- what represents a radical shift from the
model of texts that function as records of their author´s thoughts.
Would you say that "CodeUp" and "Poetrica" are still texts? Do you
agree that coding is more important than writing, on these projects?
If so, why and how does it changes the way people write?


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