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Subject: Re: [-empyre-] Writing and Pattern Flows
It is interesting to look back sometimes... Find first instances. I
have been reading about Topological Psychology - Kurt Lewin... here
were a series of meaning vectors --- force fields that act upon each

Words are wonderfully strong fields as are other media elements.

I am hedging my bets on the most open interpretations of writing ---
even more open than Derrida or Dleeuze and Guattari, although they
have some wonderful concepts (you can download my dissertation as a
pdf from billseaman.com and search some of these...)

I am also interested in Peirce's notion of meaning is that which the
sign conveys --- (or sign configuration) or machinic assemblage that
is time-based - Deleuze and Guattari (1000 Plateaus) --- Yet I think
we are moving into a post-semiotic moment --- code is powerful in
ways that Pierce could only hint at...

>On some level, the nature of a given pattern flow, how it updates
>itself, the feel of its evolution, how it alters its methods, can
>become the meaning of the story, a model of experience, even a form
>of cognition.

Awareness of these processes is central to my work. What Varella
calls "mindful awareness" [embodied mind] --- one becomes aware
through intra-action of their own choices, actions, etc. but also
watches themselves make these choices--- better coming to know
themselves. Some works you go into and lose yourself, some works you
become more self aware --- some both.

meta awareness.

>That way we should be able to encourage meaning that is emergent due
>to the interplay of fields or modes and their response to

This is central to my current practice... and to the notion of
constructing "sentient" learning systems and/or systems that augment
intelligence. [see Memex etc.]We are on the cusp of some very
interesting learning machines. How will the output of these
mechanisms [new forms of writing] be folded back into experience?


>Wow is right ... what an amazing exchange. I'm sort of a lurker on
>this list, so hello, my background is some digital writing for
>games. While doing that, I soon realized that the idea of pattern
>flows and an awareness of them is critical. In a game, narrative can
>be a traditional pipeline of information or series of events, but
>feels more exciting as an exploration of modes and/or fields of
>persuasion. On some level, the nature of a given pattern flow, how
>it updates itself, the feel of its evolution, how it alters its
>methods, can become the meaning of the story, a model of experience,
>even a form of cognition. For me, the question is how can these
>modes be combined in ways that first, feel responsive thereby
>creating expectation and second, create dynamic meanings? Writing
>can't be separated out from pattern flow acquisition or a
>multi-modal pattern production because in a fundamental sense the
>writing that needs to be done in these narratives is the creation of
>those arrangements or the construction of environments that lead to
>the creation of those arrangements. That way we should be able to
>encourage meaning that is emergent due to the interplay of fields or
>modes and their response to audiences/readers/players/etc . . .
>-- Angela
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