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Pattern Flows


 1. <philosophy> A systematic account of Existence.

 2. <artificial intelligence> (From philosophy) An explicit
 formal specification of how to represent the objects, concepts
 and other entities that are assumed to exist in some area of
 interest and the relationships that hold among them.

e·pis·te·mol·o·gy      P   Pronunciation Key  (-pst-ml-j)
The branch of philosophy that studies the nature of knowledge, its presuppositions and foundations, and its extent and validity.

Pattern Flows

I wrote a major text for Convergence Magazine. I also have a different version of the text on-line at billseaman.com.

Pattern flows are multi-modal experience. (multiple sense modalities as experienced/generated over time)- another way to say this is sense perturbations causing bodily flows over time, (and constructions arising out of operating on these sensual inputs [thought processes][related * see Turing * input and output organs].

We have an on-going experience of multiple senses. Any word comes to be known in relation to(through) this experience. In fact the employment of the associational network tied to a word later enables the projection of a history of pattern flows back onto experience, calling forth an associational network of relations.  I smell (sense) something and I recall a place or a particular person or a special event (or other)*these multiple senses [assuming experience in a time-based n dimensional flow (in mind)] fuse and form a time-based pattern flow {the conjecture is that this is an embodied flow that also forms a particular neuronal flow in the brain/mind/body (nested in environment). So I (we) learn a word in an embodied context as well as through a relational set of varied embodied contexts*This is a bit like Wittgenstein's 'The Meaning is the Use" but much broader --- I am not just "pointing" at words here but how words and multi-modal experience dynamically intra-act in an ongoing manner (we are functioning in a subjectobject continuum). (Heidigger's Being and Time points at this --- but in English one may be outside of the nuance of the German language*) I have a pattern flow of experiences (multiple senses become enfolded,  I associate a word with these experiences, and with other experiences, in an ongoing accretive manner. 

The computer enables one to author dynamic relations to pattern flows.  The "input/output organs of Turing" are very much open to interpretation and use (steering) [see cybernetics]. This is the beauty of the computer * how it can be re-purposed (re-focused) [Turing machine as universal potential machine of focused communication / interaction potential].

So language/meaning production is about the generation of pattern flows in the service of  communication (or miscommunication) or other* Thus computers have great potential at the creation of multiple kinds of patterns* multi-modal flows [pattern flows].  Code becomes enfolded * the flows always have multiple levels and valences (conveyances) and potentialities.  



[Pierce was also interested in subjectobject unity but I think code injects contingencies that semiotics has not as yet fully articulated*]
see - http://www.peirce.org/writings/p32.html
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Charles S. Peirce

See also Open Order Cybernetics with A. Gaugusch.

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