Re: [-empyre-] Writing and Pattern Flows

> I'm trying to 
> create a system where a game bot could potentially:
> 1. eat a bad burrito
> 2. perform poorly in a critical situation.
> 3. conclude with relative certainty that the burrito is at fault (and 
> not the grime on his +3 ring of fabulousness).
> 4. complain about it.
> 5. (very important) Not eat from that taco truck in the future.

This is perhaps similar to the project I'm currently working on - which at this stage exists in a basic state - but one in which the central figure 'the client' (whom one trains) can learn based on a simple pain/pleasure model. The game is mainly an exploration of Artaud's idea of the intellect apprehending the flesh, and carries over into concerns about the positive and negative effects upon the self via institutions. The Greek idea of 'Gnosis', 'knowledge for salvation' - specifically knowledge gained via participation, is something I want to play off against knowledge imposed by pure instruction.  Nothing new here - but I'd just like to say the dynamics of narrative discussed here have been invaluable reading. 

Chris Poole

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