Re: [-empyre-] Writing and Pattern Flows

John Klima wrote:

> Bill Seaman wrote:
> > 1) Will someone develop an interface that enables us to write 
> > with media-elements with the ease of use a typewriter (My World 
> > Generator [programmer Gideon May] is a first attempt)[2]
> Maybe. I don't doubt that the interface for such a device can built 
> (thankfully, the "infinite monkeys" rule would still apply), but I 
> think it will require the author to acquire as deep an 
> understanding of (or perhaps "feeling" for), the nature of the 
> generative processes in play, just as a traditional author 
> understands or intuits language. 

Yes, I think so, too. This is where the computable meets the uncomputable, where science meets art. In terms of skills needed, the new requirements are beyond what "traditional" programmers can do as well as what "traditional" writers can do. And it's not as simple as adding writers to programmers, either; we have to find ways to /multiply/ what writers can do with what programmers can do, so that we can move from the n++ content production model to the n^2 content production model we need in interactive media.



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