Re: [-empyre-] writing and pattern flows

Bill Seaman wrote:

> The computer enables one to author dynamic relations to pattern 
> flows.  

This seems to be a very dangerous simplification to me. The digital simulation of a dynamic relation can approximate the results of an analog dynamic relation only to the degree that the available hardware and software allows for. Beyond that point, you're likely to not have any "soft failure" as is customary for analog systems, but abrupt system crashes. Digital machines don't "get" flow by nature, and the overhead necessary to simulate it is considerable. Digital writers should take this into account. 

> The "input/output organs of Turing" are very much open to 
> interpretation and use (steering) [see cybernetics]. 

A human who sees a "0" and a "1" may have a wide range of possible interpretations for those values, but a Turing Machine has no interpretative range at all there. I don't want to dive into the technicalities here, but cybernetics and the proposal of heterarchies never claimed to have solved the problem of Turing Oracles, and thus, never left the binary ground (they can't, for mathematical reasons). There's /no/ interpretation going on in the binaries :-)



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