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On cultural clashes

As a performing artist, completing a practice based PhD in HCI, I constantly
find that the diversity of audiences I write/speak to means that someone out
there will find what I do as incomplete.

Convergence, that all encompassing action of digital technology on
information seems to go against the grain of the categories established in
so many disciplines as we try to solve new problems with the old language.
We can only ask "What is it that you see/hear and how does that compare to
my experience?"

Even in description of the three disciplines of art, design and IT as
'cultures' this surely makes an anthropologist somewhere sit up and take
notice... but I think I catch your drift.


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On 10/10/05 8:51 AM, "Christina McPhee" <> wrote:

> Ken, can you offer a couple of specific references in Polyani?  maybe
> a book title or better yet an online paper?
> Christina
> On Oct 9, 2005, at 9:30 AM, Kenneth Newby wrote:
>> Hi Jim,
>> Polyani's field in this case is philosiphy/science and the goal is
>> a critique of pure rationality (logical positivism) and a
>> recuperation of meaning through myth, art and a spiritual impulse.
>> Not that he wants to break with rationality, but rather integrate
>> it with these other modes of knowing and making meaning.  I've
>> found myself increasingly interested in this topic myself as I
>> struggle with the clash of cultures in an interdisciplinary school
>> (art, design, IT) at our university where ideas like these are
>> contested (not that that's necessarily a bad thing).
>> Kenneth.
>> On 9-Oct-05, at 3:36 AM, Jim Andrews wrote:
>>> What is the goal of Polyani's writing? Is it work in
>>> AI? Semantics? Something else?
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