Re: [-empyre-] sidebar - continued discussion between John Klima and Bill Seaman - part 2

shout out to marcus for cleaning up the exchange. thanks!

bill said:

I like how you place the deeply intellectual into
a context of the deeply pragmatic.

That process is the very core of my being. Until I witness the intellectual manifest into something concrete, it is just a bunch of fancy words. I'm not suggesting that the pragmatic has more value (I've been misunderstood in the past regarding this point, so I now feel the need to be quite clear about it :). When I hear a bunch fancy words that inexplicably feel right, I want to prove it. The context I work in, that of gaming, is (i feel) uniquely capable of demonstrating the deeply intellectual in pragamatic terms because a game is understood a-priori to be the shadow on the cave wall and not the truth itself - though it is the complete truth internally, to itself, within the confines of it's system.

A new bot AI needs only to build upon existing capabilities to produce an incremental improvement in believability. Every nook and cranny of it's brain does not need accounting for. This way , one can (relatively) quickly determine if the bunch of fancy words are headed in a good direction. Also, a pragmatic implementation has the striking ability to cut through the vagaries of definition, meaning, and context. It renders the word game mute. The [game] world is everthing, that is the case.


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