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Boundary objects... lovely!! This is so important. Agreeing on common objects and establishing bridges is all part of the important work of re-integration that needs to take place. The challenge becomes greater as we move the bridge-building out of the domain of science to construct bridges across more diverse epistemologies. Visual, audible, tactile, etc. ways of knowing the world, ourselves and each other? I look forward to reading Star and Bowker's thinking on this.

The work of thinkers in epistemology who attempt the re-integration of these different ways of knowing/thinking are of much interest to me for that reason. As long as we silo ourselves into different knowledge/writing cultures and maintain the view that ours if the only valid way of knowing/writing the world, the divisions will work towards that doomed state Roman refers to.

Otto Laske wrote that we encounter a new species of knowledge when we encode a creative process in the computer... we bring an inscribing process from a place in ourselves that is often difficult to fathom -- deeply embedded skills working below the level of awareness, creative habits, tacit knowledge about a creative process or embodied skill -- and externalize it in the formal environment of software running on a machine.


P.S. the URL to Geoffrey's chapter selections from the book is broken. Too bad!

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Susan Leigh Star and Geoffrey C. Bowker in their text Sorting Things Out: Classification and its Consequences, define the notion of the Boundry Object:

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