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John said:

> [...]Also, a pragmatic implementation has the striking ability to cut
through the vagaries of > definition, meaning, and context. It renders the
word game mute. The [game] world is everthing, that is the case.


This discussion is pure delight.

John's last point is perhaps a practical situation where
Wittgenstein-pop-quote meets Deleuze in one of his last texts:
"What we call virtual is not some thing that lacks reality, but [a thing]
that engages itself in a process of actualisation following the plane that
gives it its reality (lui donne sa réalité propre)." (L'Immanence: une
vie...). It really does not matter what kind of reality you create, when
something is running, it is running. Time before, or through, place.

Isn't gaming also the field where programming gets 'dirty' in the sense that
gaming programmers leave running threads all over the place while designing,
till at a next take on the project someone points to a 'dead' character
still kicking the wall and says hey that's funny let's do something with the
garbage? Aren't these kind of events in teams or in the individual
programmer exactly the same as what happens when you write 'traditionally'?

Another phenomenon that i personally have experienced is that when you write
very intensely and when as a consequence of this intensity a poem gets to
see the light of day that really prooves when read that it needed to exist,
that it has the kind of inevitability to it that establishes it beyond doubt
as a 'good' poem, that when this has happened you actually don't remember a
thing of how you got there, you do not remember anything from creation time.
I suspect a similar orgastic process of creation happens to game developers,
i'm too new to programming to attest to it, but as an experienced writer you
know it's there waiting to happen.

With painting or drawing  it's all different, i feel. After getting into
(amateurish but obsessed) painting for a week or two i can't program the
simplest servlet without hard headache. It's a different process all
together, i guess it has to do with different parts of the brain,

What is the case here is quite simply that code=text and similar thought or
inputs lead to similar programming (styles) or writing (styles). The only
difference is perhaps that the commercial machine dictates one kind of
coding (OOP) and makes it financially nearly impossible to experiment with
alternatives, at least not with the same resources. 



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