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What strikes me from your post, comparing blogging to oral transmission, is the importance of myth in this context of the virtual. Just as myths and spoken poems/stories have only survived because they became part of the written tradition, it appears that in the reality of writing in the virtual, blogs are one archetype for virtual legend to recreate itself, to make shape of the unformed cyber-urban myths of societal imagination. One only has to randomly sample the superabundance of public blogs to see how blog culture inherently creates its own form and categorical structure out of fiction, half-truths, and modern fantasy. Jean Baudrillard refers to "...the real's hallucinatory resemblance to itself". The mnemonics of Blogging could be seen as a self-constructing virtual system that serves the same cultural purposes as the historical transmission of myth, the virtual real's proclivity to reinvent itself.

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oral tradition has an important social and cultural function, the unwritten
word and story passes down through generations, perhaps evolving over time,
like a giant, mutating meme. blogs have an evolutionary nature,
conversations evolving over time, branching out. oral tradition requires one
story teller to carry on the tradition and pass it on, while blogging has
many participating in the story and a widely distributed audience.

participating in a blog is textually flat or cold sort of experience with
the audience distributed over a large area and rarely in physical and/or
visual contact, whereas oral tradition requires a face to face audience,
facial expression, gesture, anthropic signals, the exchange is visceral.

what does oral tradition transmit? how does this compare to blogging?

oral tradition is story telling in a cultural setting, it is inclusive of
everything in a particular culture. words, sounds and gesture.

blogging seems much more generalised, sometimes focussed, sometimes wildly
diverse. it reflects the cultures of its participants and there are many
cultures because it is global. words and type and flickering vdu's.

we are dancing our stories in different ways today.


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