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Dear Friedrich,
I enjoyed your post very much.

There is a wonderful book by Dick Higgins (Fluxus artsis --- see also Flux boxes, event scores etc) called Pattern Poetry that traces aspects of the practices you describe back a few thousand years...
See Fluxus Codex

Susan Stewart has another wonderful book called Nonsense that traces the exploration of Nonsense in literature, et, al. (just to balance out my logic post)...

Dear Friedrich,

nice to have you here this month, thanks for the posts.

<<I am not only interested in the new potentials of digital writing
but also in how they make use of older potentials, and also in
invariants of writing.>>
This is a good point. If there were no invariants, then we would be
talking about something other than writing, for tautological that
might sound.

I am particularly fascinated by the fact that, no matter how mutable
literature is (eg. sound poetry, visual poetry, the relationship of
writing and public space), it remains recognizable as a pratctice that
makes sense for a certain community.

Anyway, despite this mutability, I think there are some easily trackeable axes:

1 (you have already pointed)
Digital Writing that draws from Mallarmé, concrete and visual / sound poetry.
(and explore combinations of word, visual, sound and programming)
------------->1a seek similar results as those already obtained in
analogic media
-------------> 1b share the same attitued of de-construction,
exploring digital media possibilities

DW that draws from Borges and Nouveau Roman
(and focus on the possibiliteis of exploring of linkage processes to
build vast rhizomatic texts)

DW exploring the movement from 2-D to 3-D texts
(I cannot think of a definition right, now, so follow some examples:
a. Nous n´avons pas compris Descartes
b. IO: http://www.andrevallias.com/poemas/index.htm#
c. Econ http://www.pucsp.br/pos/cos/interlab/in4/entrada.htm)
-------------> 3a Writing and Architecture, Writing for Public Spaces

do you agree with these axes? do you see any others? -- Professor Bill Seaman, Ph.D. Department Head Digital+ Media Department (Graduate Division) Rhode Island School of Design Two College St. Providence, R.I. 02903-4956 401 277 4956 fax 401 277 4966 bseaman@risd.edu


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