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From: Lucas Bambozzi <lbambozzi@comum.com>
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Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 17:01:42 -0300
Subject: Re: [-empyre-] Vernacular languages can persuade us but not
execute actions
At 14:55 -0300 14/10/2005, giselle beiguelman wrote:
2) The executable code sets a machine into motion. You print something
because there is a written command line that configure this material
action. In this sense programming languages can affect and transform

I know I have  missed a lot in this exciting discussions. I just 
noticed this assumption by Giselle and found it very complex.I usually
tend to consider that the capability to transform or not reality is
more likely to be found on other art systems, using other kind of
strategies than of programming languages. but I do like the idea of
the latent power found on some viruses and hoaxes, which does not even
need to be executed to cause harm.

I have been curious to find more examples of how can be code-based
languages be imersed in the social reality [e.g. including public
spaces other than the web, other than the 'computer reality']. not a
conservative needing, just a way to bridge 'realities'.




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