Re: [-empyre-] precursors

around the 14/10/05 giselle beiguelman mentioned about Re: [-empyre-] precursors that:
and remember orson welles lessons. i think "citizen kane" and his
radiophonic version for "the war of the worlds" are landmarks for the
study of (new) media codes. don't you think so?

not wanting to disagree but I would have thought War of the Worlds is an exemplar of a) mockumentary and so b) how mirroring codes of non fiction within an (undeclared) fiction demonstrates the conventional nature of non fiction codes. In new media I think things like Online Caroline are exemplary for this, where simply substituting some personal linguistic markers in an email proffers the illusion of an authentic dialogue (something that form letters and mail scams have known for some time).

So, a question, how is War of the Worlds a landmark for new media codes?
Adrian Miles


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