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At 16:07 17.10.05 +1000, Adrian wrote:

or an anxiety for the book in the late age of print. the book is now a designed object, something expressing delight and wonderment, precisely because it is no longer sufficient to be merely a book (with its protestant black on white of a perfectly *functional* typography). This is the book as a fetish, like a nice pair of shoes...

this is surely true for (printed) 'books after the book': the functions of the book have changed as had handwriting in the Gutenberg-galaxy. Fetishizing the book as an object is one economic strategy, managing 'pop cults' (e.g. "Harry Potter") another one. However, I think that the book is still a very handsome divice for storage and reading. I just read an article about a new purpose for papyrus: storing information about nuclear waste for the next centuries, because the experts feel to unsure with the electronical storage of this information.



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