Re: RE: [-empyre-] C. S. Peirce and Code

Selon Christine Goldbeck <>:
> become published, can we use the new layering formats (spoken and unspoken,
> seen and unseen codes)to change social and cultural constructs? It's a
> question I wrestle daily ...

probably but this has yet to be proven
there are changes that happen within the online realm but are restricted to
there and very little evidence of actual social transformation that crossover
from on to offline

still, within cyberspace, or if we stick to blogs, there are a number of things
which can be done to erode the conformism that dominates blog behavior, for
instance I'd suggest to limit comments to blogs whose purpose is to elicit
reaction. I find that it is detrimental to certain types of blogging that they
are comment-enabled

it is also a real sadness for me that the advent of the totalitarian form of
online publishing which is the blog is effectively announcing the disappearance
of html or even, sigh, the link...


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