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around the 17/10/05 mentioned about Re: RE: [-empyre-] C. S. Peirce and Code that:
still, within cyberspace, or if we stick to blogs, there are a number of things
which can be done to erode the conformism that dominates blog behavior, for
instance I'd suggest to limit comments to blogs whose purpose is to elicit
reaction. I find that it is detrimental to certain types of blogging that they
are comment-enabled

Mark Bernstein has written well on this. See his BlogTalk DownUnder paper via <URL: >

Blogs are an ecology and so like all ecologies diversity needs to be maintained and nurtured. Comments are problematic since they aggregate content to 'A' list nodes, and they also encourage silliness. Linking from your own blog promotes and supports the ecology of links, but also means you will probably write with more care than the comment rant. See Mark's paper for a better argument.
Adrian Miles


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