[-empyre-] Thoughts about Peirce, semiosis and new language

Dear Marcus - thanks for the wonderful Peirce quotes --- they are very interesting in this context.

Here are some of the relations I wish to point at as being slightly different from the long list of people who articulated ideas surrounding hypertext as digital writing and perhaps go beyond even Pierces definitions (ever so slightly).

Digital writing has some new attributes that for me transcend the Remediation concept. I'll try to put my finger on a few of them.

I have a very broad definition of Digital Writing? I want to try to point at where I think some new language might be helpful?

When I encounter a meta text in Char Davies Osmose that is the code of the work as presented as meta- architecture (literal virtual architecure --- a pun on architecture), the experiential nature of the environment, in particular the physical interface she has designed to enable one to navigate the virtual environment becomes enfolded phenomenologically with the layers of meaning in the text. All of Peirces modes - firstness, secondness and thirdness co-mingle and change in relation to ongoing navigation of this virtual space. Yet here the environment also enables a charged field of meaning to become part of this layering. The quixotic nature of the ongoing subtle shifts between firstness, secondness and thirdness seem to even transcend the idea that each level is becoming the other (as Marcus suggests) in terms of this larger mutable virtual environmental scheme which also signifies. This constellation of signs, each changing at its own velocity in relation to the participant's movements, seems to move to a heightened level of layering of intersemiotic modes. Might we work on a new word that points at this advanced level of intersemiotic relations. ---
What would Pierce have encountered that would be relevant to compare to such an environment? Here are some potential terms ---
hyperintersemiotic; transintersemiotic (did Marcos Novak already coin this?) supra-intersemiotic? Intra-semiotic?

I also begin to think about new forms of locative media that depend on landscape and physical navigation, lending levels of meaning to the digital text (context)? Hyperecosemiotic?

I think about media- behaviors and a-life parameters/potentialities giving text new kinds of electronic "life". Artificial-Semiotic-life - a-sem-life

I think about physics and artificial physics (E-phany physics as I coined it) as it is conjoined with texts to present new kinds of reactive and intra-active environments. E-phanysemiotics

Hayles uses the term "Creole" to talk about texts that intermingle code and poetic text ---
Yet what happens when this is extended into the phenomenological space of physical computing. An object|creole enfolding is generated.

What happens when the machine writes the text in an autonomous manner that is reacting to various forms of interface input? Lynn Hershmann's Agent Ruby? Does the fact that it is a machine change the meaning in a subtle manner --- is there a word for this? Turingtestmatic writing?

Kac wrote a bio-code via the computer that was made physical and transcribed back into a text --- what kind of word points at this accretive layering of meaning - digitaccretive?

Works where all variables are supplied by the participant and are then formed by the code into a new work--- participant driven semiosis?? I-semiosis?

Or works that actually are auto destructive in terms of meaning production --- the virus t-shirt code? Diss-semiosis


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