RE: RE: [-empyre-] C. S. Peirce and Code

 Quoting Dirk Vekemans <>:
 > writing. It's probably just a very temporary thing,

 I don't think so, I think it's here to stay and that people are
 actually looking for that level of conformity
 well, most of them not all of course
it is very comforting to be able to easily inscribe yourself into a social
circle and to think that there is no technological barrier to it and I do not
see how this is not going to further extend, people will be reassured and, as
you aptly demonstrate in your post, the industry will make sure that they are
happily consuming their cornered freedom

> > An strict factual analysis of what a blog system actually does, stripping
> > the publishing(?) process of its metaphorical language like 'posting',
> > 'archiving', 'permanent link', 'feed' etc. would show that while having a
> > seemingly rich potential for 'customisation'- changing your colour schemes
> > and all - ,

the "seemingly" is very accurate because we all know that once you get into the
grits of blog customisation tools they are actually more difficult to use than
good ole html

bloggers are happy with the fact that
1) they do not have to host their stuff with an hosting company
2) blogging companies present themselves as communities of bloggers and they
offer instant inclusion in those communities to the consumers
3) the tools they use will make them conform to the rules of the communities

> most blogs are in fact one trick ponies actually forcing people
> > to write bloggishly and style their blogs according to fashion and the
> rules
> > of what was once called 'usability'. Blogs thus promote categorical
> > writing/thinking and labeling with a rather obsessive addiction to what's
> > recent, that's not good or bad, its a fact,

4) they will get more hits if they conform

what purported to be a revolution for freedom of speech for all has actually
turned into a massively coercitive system driven by popularity for the sake of


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