RE: [-empyre-] C. S. Peirce and Code

around the 18/10/05 Frederic Madre mentioned about Re: [-empyre-] C. S. Peirce and Code that:
so, besides getting more hits (which I do not care about at all) did anybody
find an enjoyable (let alone useful) way to use trackbacks (for example) ?

trackbacks don't measure hits. They indicate where someone else has written a link to you.

The biggest disadvantage of html and http is that it has no protocol for identifying connections in. You know connections out (you wrote them), but what of connections in? Trackback is a lightweight (and for the purposes elegant) solution to this. Rememberr, the web is a link architecture, and the biggest issue is making that (unstable) architecture visible: how do we find links, map them, etc.

(Why you want to do this is a different set of questions.)
Adrian Miles


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