RE: [-empyre-] Writing Culture

that's a great quote, marcus, concerning the importance of exploring the
phenomenology (or unique characteristics) of media. it isn't a seeking after
novelty and the 'new' for the sake of novelty, but is a seeking after
poetics of the medium.

janet murray speaks of the filmic elements she describes rather as a writer
might speak of 'literary devices'.

concerning computer art, it's a bit different in that the computational
device is infinitely more flexible than the technology associated with film.
we can think of a fixed set of 'filmic devices' (as with any
non-programmable technology), but it isn't clear to me that the same would
hold true in computing. because, with the advent of computers, we can
simulate any machine that will ever be built. a turing machine is a wickedly
flexible abstraction. new media can arise through the virtual.

but this only strengthens the j murray quote, ie, fundamental exploration of
the expressive qualities/properties of media is important to take it from "a
merely additive form" to a form that permits its own revelations.


ps: enjoyed the streaming video of k. hayles lecture linked to at the
beginning of this thread.

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