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Hi Everyone:

Reading rules: Reading rules? What rules rule reading?

It is interesting to watch my teenager and her friends, work associatively, through hypertext and GET IT (as they say). What is more interesting is to place a Dickens bound volume in front of them and hear them groan. Give them a Dickens version with graphics and hypertext and you get: "Cool." Hmmm...

Kids are not reading strictly by the methods we learned. They have their own set of rules and many seem to like the open-ended exploration.

Meanwhile, those of us raised with the cultural constructs of linear reading, left to right, line per line, page by page, feel that our rules have been violated! Annihilated!

So, we're operating under different rules (which is cause for concern, especially in education wherein the bureaucrats are measuring by traditional methodologies) and receiving/reacting to digital texts as per our personal generational and educational demographics.

In a sense, the cultural sense I reckon, it's really no different than when my father, in the late 70s, had a conniption fit over my choice of music as compared to his beloved tunes (now called classic rock) ... I know folks who listen to eight-tracks and enjoy them and I know many who cannot live without their IPODs.

So, what does it mean for digital writing, for blogs, for hyperfiction, etc ...
For practitioners of these arts, I believe it means that evolution takes time. I also believe that we can practice our theories by still being kind to those just diving in to the digital world.


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can I ask something first? Is there any kind of reading rules the user should be aware of, before navigating? (e.g. Pignatari´s semiotic poems have a 'reading key' that changes comprehension of the work; Jim Rosenberg´s intergrams also have rules indicating the relationship of one diagram to the other)

I am asking that because the dotted lines and arrows gave me the
impression that I should understand what was the relationship between
two different groups of texts, as if they were "words" of a "sentence"

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dear friends,

if you are interested in aspects of reception of digital writing I would be
happy to read your thoughts about some questions.

here is a brand new piece (digital writing in its pure sense, at least for

what do you think should a reader/user at least experience with this work?
what should he or she know; which knowledge should be activated?
which kind of reception / recipient does this text need?

these 'good old' questions follow me for a longer time, not only for digital
but also for other forms of experimental writing / art.



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