RE: [-empyre-] reception

> here is a brand new piece (digital writing in its pure sense, 
> at least for
> me)

for me too

> what do you think should a reader/user at least experience 
> with this work?
> what should he or she know; which knowledge should be activated?
> which kind of reception / recipient does this text need?

it doesn't need anything more than what it is and where it is found
the url is enough of a giveaway
it's perfect as it is, you just know where to click, and looking at the
source doesn't let anything more out which is cool

> these 'good old' questions follow me for a longer time, not 
> only for digital
> but also for other forms of experimental writing / art.

let me plug this one, then
for some reason it made me think of it

ps: cc is for cocoa islands

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