[-empyre-] affect in digital writing

hello empyreans,

i've been reading this months posts with great interest,

It feels to me one strand of the discussion could be elucidated as
being an extension of the literary novel into the domain of creating
an AI or cyber-consciousness (the Thoughtbody as Bill calls it).
Essentially, I see this as future fiction. It will involve convergence
of moist bodies (aka Ascott) with emulations of identity.

As a poet who has a few programming skills, I know that sort of
project is practically currently well beyond my single individual's
capacity. So my concerns are more prosaic, I am wondering how the
emotional affect, the cathartic human side of writing can be
translated into the digital domain.

I would be interested to know of people working with text that seeks
to stimulate and explore literature as praise and emotional conduit in
the digital domain. A primary question for me would be how can
sincerity be translated? How is love expressed with the new tools?

Evidently, creating effective works which evoke complex emotonal
responses will tangentially inflence the larger project of recreating
identity with AI

respects to all,.

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