RE: [-empyre-] affect in digital writing

> Conveying texture
> on screen was the problem with which I struggled. I mean you put
> coal on a
> scanner, and you get a representation of coal - a FLAT representation. To
> make a long story short, I used words and sounds to convey the
> texture and
> am only beginning to circulate the work to obtain feedback.

I like the idea of conveying texture with sound and text.

The problem generalizes too, doesn't it. When you want to convey x, a
particular medium--at least as it manifests in computer art--may not be
adequate to do so effectively in an affective manner. But perhaps medium y
is up to it. Or some combination of media.

To be able to think compositionally in this way is quite a different
approach to writing. Way to go.

> Affect is a subject I'd love to continue discussing. One of the things I
> think about is largescale projection -- putting the audience in
> the story.
> Would this produce a higher level of affectivity? Anyone know?

We read a lot of email in which we are part of the story. That we might not
read were we not.


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