[-empyre-] sum up

It has been a pleasure being involved this month. It has been exciting to try to articulate my thought related to the fascinating broad set of topics we have covered.

To sum up (impossible)

To create new tools; to collaborate with others that have differing (and/or similar skill sets; to articulate bridging languages to manifest transdisciplinary potentials; to look carefully at the body and all aspects of its operation in terms of meaning production; to consider embodied understanding and to approach the construction of intelligent situated machinic systems; to re-understand old forms, to trace back ideas to their roots / to define an ongoing relation with history; to map out the potentials of new technologies as expressive tools; to understand the computer as being open in terms of what it might become as a tool for expression; to develop new kinds of interface; to apply new technologies in a resonant manner; to make works that have a depth and enable layers of meaning to arise on each return; to up-pack works from multiple conceptual perspectives and take a critical stance to meaning production; to remember nonsense and humor have place in serious work; to find a working process that is appropriate for ones own interests, proclivities and needs; to continue to learn and grow as an ongoing process?

Bill Seaman

Professor Bill Seaman, Ph.D.
Department  Head
Digital+ Media Department (Graduate Division)
Rhode Island School of Design
Two College St.
Providence, R.I. 02903-4956
401 277 4956
fax 401 277 4966


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