[-empyre-] thanks and farewell

Thanks everyone for a very interesting discussion. It has been useful to
hear digital artists discussing writing. 

If you're interested to know more about how writers themselves are reacting
to the opportunities of the digital environment, I'd like to direct you to
the following websites. Some of them are connected with my own work, whilst
others are highly recommended.

Writing and the Digital Life
A collaborative transdisciplinary blog and listserv about the impact of
digital technologies upon writing and lived experience. We talk about
writing and reading in the context of 'new and old' media, transliteracy,
craft, art, process and practice, social networks, cooperation and
collaboration, narrative and memory, human computer interaction,
imagination, nature, mind, body, and spirit. http://writing.typepad.com

Online MA in Creative Writing & Technology
This new online Master's at De Montfort University is designed for writers
interested in exploring the potential of new technologies in their writing
via a combination of online study with a week-long Residential Workshop in
the UK. http://writing.typepad.com/cwt/

Hello World
My personal blog, to accompany my print book Hello World: travels in
virtuality http://travelsinvirtuality.typepad.com

trAce Online Writing Centre
Ten years old this year - a huge resource of works and articles about
writing and working in the digital environment http://trace.ntu.ac.uk

Institute for the Future of the Book - IF:book
A collaborative weblog exploring the evolution of publishing, education and
creative labor in the digital age http://www.futureofthebook.org/blog/

Writer Response Theory
A blogging collective dedicated to the discussion and exploration of digital
character art - any art involving electrons and making use of letters,
alphanumerics, or other characters in an interesting way. Our primary focus
is on active and interactive works, in which users input text and receive
textual responses as output. http://wrt.ucr.edu/wordpress/

Electronic Literature Organization
Facilitates and promotes the writing, publishing, and reading of literature
in electronic media. http://www.eliterature.org/

My own, general, website is at http://www.mti.dmu.ac.uk/~sthomas/ 

Best wishes to all, and thanks to Marcus for being an excellent and
thoughtful host.


Sue Thomas
Professor of New Media
School of Media and Cultural Production
Faculty of Humanities
De Montfort University
The Gateway
United Kingdom
+44 (0)116 207 8266

Writing and the Digital Life: a collaborative blog exploring the impact of
digital technologies upon writing and lived experience

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