[-empyre-] to be continued

Thank you for a month of inspiring discussion.

I want to say good bye with a text by Theo Lutz: As far as I know it is the
first text about the aesthetic use of digital writing. It is from 1959 and
we just had it translated from German into English.


My friend Johannes Auer re-programmed the generative text machine (in php)
which Theo Lutz presents in his essay and which in its first version was
designed for the ZUSE Z 22 computer.


To be continued: to search for sensuous reflection upon the symbolic
'nature/culture' of the self and on symbolization itself (electronic or not)
as a way of world making, and to search for 'the pleasures of texts'
oscillating between real and virtual embodiment, code and interface,
concept und perception, order and disorder, determination and
indetermination,  poetic and politics, construction and deconstruction ...
'Dia-bolic' interruption of symbolic processes may open up new ways of
observation and enable a poetic experience of the self and its environment.
I/O is a word. The site of poiesis is in between.



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