[-empyre-] affect and goodbye

Just a parting note to say goodbye and thanks to Marcus for the invitation to be part of this Empyre forum. Apologies too for being less active on the list than I had hoped i could be. But i have found the discussion remarkable in its depth and in the extraordinary knowledge that was being brought to bear on the questions raised. No doubt you will all feel that quite an amazing resource has been produced not only in terms of ideas but also in terms of related links and sources. Really something!

My own interests and background are probably a lot less informed and much more situated in the place between the digital and all the other stuff. For that reason, and just as a final comment, I think the issue of 'affect' that has been arising in the last few posts falls for me in the tricky question (whatever artform you are using) of (audience/reader/viewer/user) 'involvement'. For me it is not a question of how to convey a texture or an emotion in digital forms (although these are interesting questions all the same and ones that were key prior to the digital aswell) but more how to make something in which there is clarity, intention, aesthetic pleasure, but crucially also, room for someone else. I'm not sure that that is necessarily immersive - maybe losing oneself is less affective than finding oneself and being challenged to respond or to act.
Marcus mentions 'dispersiveness' in his last post and perhaps that is one issue that this digital form really does have to take on in the context of affectivity. My work using digital media has always been highly dispersive and i have been very drawn to the speed with which that dispersivenss and transformation can occur. It's been tricky then to maintain a focus and a tangible set of events and materials for someone else to engage with. For me this has been the lure (with all the problematic connotations that carries) of the digital - similar actually to the lure of the city, so its interesting that you mention that Marcus - and a rapaciousness that i struggle with and enjoy.

Thanks for all the, very much, 'affective' (!) and stimulating discussion - one things for sure after all this, there's no easy answers to what writing is in digital media!

very bests

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